European Marketing Strategy

Clarity of direction for your market development goals

Market Research

Do you have the market intelligence you need to develop an effective and targeted European sales and marketing strategy?

We plan and implement research projects which assist clients to scope the market opportunity for their products,  develop solid customer and competitor intelligence and evaluate your market positioning. We do this on a pan-European basis but more often in a targeted way where specific markets/countries  within Europe are prioritised as part of a market entry or expansion strategy.

Don’t make the mistake of investing valuable sales and marketing resources without understanding the risks and opportunities first.

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European Market Entry

Unlike the US, the European market (EU) is a diverse spectrum of markets consisting of 28 member states and 24 official languages. Beyond this, additional layers of complexity can exist from a regulatory perspective.

Decisions around market entry for new companies or technologies are fraught with risk if a focused strategy is not first put in place.

Our experience means that we can assist companies to put a comprehensive European market entry strategy in place that will scope your barriers to entry, route-to-market, prioritise an initial market entry approach and outline a longer term European market development plan for your business. We have particular experience in assisting companies in the medical device, electronics and IOT sectors.

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European Market Expansion

Are your present European sales flat or underachieving on your business goals? Do you know the reason why this is?

We work with companies every day who have successfully developed a baseline of European market sales but now need a growth strategy for the future.

Our initial approach will involve an audit of your current sales and marketing strategy. Once the gaps are clear, we get busy in gathering the market intelligence you need to put a solid, objective future strategy in place.

We believe in focused planning and implementation, which often builds on success in one European market first before expanding internationally.

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